Essay about Homosexuality Is Not Against God

Essay about Homosexuality Is Not Against God

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Homosexuality is out of the norm in the society compared to heterosexuality, which is the sexual preference that is always portrayed to be the good one. In the Catholic religion there has always been a debate whether if God is against or not about homosexuality. Homosexuality is not against God. By analyzing Bible passages that mentions homosexuality, Jesus’ teachings, Christian ethics, and surveys taken in workplace that shows discrimination against homosexuality, then it will become evident that God is not opposed to homosexuality.
The, political, cultural, social and religious circumstances the Bible was written in is unfamiliar to today’s society. Therefore, it would make sense to interpret the Bible in today’s perspective without going astray to the core of Christianity. In Justin Lee’s article about Homosexuality he states that, “Same-sex marriages weren 't a part of the cultures in which the Bible was written, so obviously we wouldn 't expect to see stories of men and women with same-sex partners…Biblical examples of marriage reflect the culture both in what they include and what they do not” (Lee par. 19). Same-sex marriages may seem an abomination to the union of man and woman through marriage, but just because it was not written in the Bible does not mean that it goes against Christianity. Some traditions from the Bible is not valid today because it is either not relevant nowadays or it attacks the morals of humanity. An example of a tradition is forcing women to marry the man who rapes them (Deut. 22:28-29). In the Old Testament there’s a story in Genesis 19:1-11 about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is interpreted that God punished the city because of its homosexual acts. This reasoning is flawed. The stor...

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...ians, we must act and respond to injustice how Jesus would act in the situations.

Oppression of people who do not meet society’s standards has created a diversion amongst us. Society has depicted that heterosexuality is the norm. It would seem eccentric to think about or witness homosexuality, or any kind of sexuality outside of man-woman relationships. As Christians, we must unite ourselves for we are God’s creations. We should love, as He is capable of love, and forgive for He is capable to forgive. The Kingdom of God is with us, and we can achieve it through love. We should be just for we have a responsibility with the Other. We cannot use the Bible to condemn others, for we should interpret it with today’s point of view and also base it on Jesus’ teachings. Love is the core of Christianity; therefore we should act towards our neighbor with love and compassion.

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