Homosexuality Is Making Its Way As One Of The Norms Of Society Essay

Homosexuality Is Making Its Way As One Of The Norms Of Society Essay

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Today homosexuality is making its way as one of the norms of society. Although there are many people who still oppose to same sex couples, there are many people who either agree with it or don’t mind and want to make sure they have the same rights as everyone else in society today. ”There is either a state of homophobia or agreement. Homophobia however is an irrational fear or intolerance of homosexuals (Lehne 1995). Heterosexism assumes that heterosexuality is the norm, and also promotes discrimination in favor of heterosexuals and against homosexuals if you take a look at conflict and feminist perspectives. The intereractionist Perspective examines the process of how individuals identify themselves as being homosexual. “What scholars describe as part of development of a gay identity”(Chou 2001)”Before 2013, DOMA permitted states to ban all recognition of same sex marraiges”(Guerrero 2013). No matter the view on it we have people today continuously fighting for the rights of the homosexual community.
Many people have different views on this because of religion or just the fact that do not condone it because it seems wrong. No matter what the reason is that makes this issue serious it is something that many same sex couples, gay men, and woman face today. In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association defined homosexuality as a mental illness using the diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” There are an abundant amount of groups that want to help the LGBT community such as the American Academy Of Pediatrics and also Center link.
Without organizations there, to help influence the awakening of ones minds to help them think differently about how homosexuals or same sex couples should be treated there would just be a w...

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...f centers to meet the social, cultural, health and political advocacy needs of LGBT community members across the country. Center Link also acts as a voice for LGBT community centers in national grassroots organizing, coalition building and social activism in order to strengthen and build a unified center movement.
These are not the only organizations that are helping same sex couples. There are many more that focus on different things such as counseling, coaching. Family concerns, how to come out and be free. Organizations for homosexuality are there to improve the amount of understanding and acceptance from others. They want to teach others who don’t truly understand their way of life and give them that guidance and understanding. Without these organizations and others like it, homosexuals, transgender, same sex couples would face a world full of hate and demise.

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