Essay on Homosexuality Identity

Essay on Homosexuality Identity

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The concept that social institutions control hegemonic discourses that produce sexuality is troubling in today’s modern society. The operations of power and these discourses employ to regulate bodies and pleasure, normalize behavior, and make these internal to our understanding of what is it to be an individual in Western culture. Societies have come up with a sexual identity that is considered “norm” with the intent that individuals within that society will prescribe and follow that norm that has been set. The norm that has been set up does not and never has fit into the sexual identities in the world around us. Therefore the search for a gay identity and inclusion into this type of society is something that individuals with alternative sexualities seek out in order to somehow fit into the charmed circle of heteronormative status that our modern society subscribes to.
Discourse involves both communication as well as who is doing the communicating, how they have communicated, and what the context is for the communication. This is an important point when understanding how to define sexuality as nothing more than a social control. Sexuality has become the center of discourse in education, law, medicine, government, demography, and within the LGBT community itself. We use social controls to prohibit certain types of sex, we conduct statistical studies which help the government label and classify sexual behavior, and we even use psychiatry to evaluate the mentally ill. Although by the end of World War II homosexuality that was viewed as a “sickness or perversion that could be effectively challenged not only by physicians and psychotherapists but also by homosexuals themselves” (Meems, Gibson, Alexander 75).
The idea of erasing the...

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...its roots in the discourse of sexual diversity. The differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals are deemed to be a legitimate basis for privileging one sexuality over the other. Homophobia is the perpetuation of straight supremacies, based on a rejection of sexual difference. The anti-gay majority have declared that 'the homosexual' must be labeled and pilloried as someone separate from 'the heterosexual'. This process of differentiation and exclusion seeks to contain and control same-sex desire.
Homosexuality is thus a categorization invented by straights to marginalize and constrain queerness within an identifiable, demonized minority. It is, therefore, not in the interest of lesbians and gay men to maintain sexual difference. Our liberation is irrevocably bound up with the dissolution of separate, mutually exclusive, rival orientations and identities.

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