Homosexuality : Homosexuality And Homosexuality Essay example

Homosexuality : Homosexuality And Homosexuality Essay example

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In modern society, people often look to other to define who they should be, what they should look like, or even how they think. Often time, religion seem to play a big part in these discussions. Homosexuality being one of the main topics discussed and why it’s wrong within religion. Having someone telling others what to think and who to love is wrong. Even though, same sex marriage is legal throughout America, homosexuality would never be accepted nor justified within religion.
A lot of cultures take homosexuality in a different light, though for many centuries, homosexuality plus religion have been argued to be sinful. That it’s either or, one could be with homosexual and religious. The real question is why homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of religion? For years, homosexuality has been the target of many social issues. In the article “Homosexuality”, Eric Foner and John A. Garraty states that Christianity "was ambiguous in its attitude toward homosexuality." (Foner, Garraty "Homosexuality"). From that remark itself, homosexuality was considered a "heinous sin". Ministers from all over spoke about the wrongs of homosexuality and they used a metaphor to describe it. "An angry God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah must have been potent." (Foner, Garraty "Homosexuality"). Sex between the same-sex was called sodomy, later being a reference to God’s destruction of Sodom. Even consensual intercourse was to be criminalized under sodomy. In a reference published in 2004 also named "Homosexuality", the author discusses how some religions look at homosexuality. For example, in the Islamic community, they tend to look at homosexuality the same way as Christianity and Judaism do. As the author John L. Esposito states, "Islam teaches that sexu...

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...ica wasn’t even America yet. He created us all equal but, we can treat them less if their love is homosexual? Because, rules are rules and The Bible pretty clear. Yeah, I know but, we don’t live by “procedures” we decides what’s right by what’s right not what’s written. We should throw out our norms and outdated dispositions. We don’t exclude people based on footnotes from an old book. Like, Jack Evans and George Harris who waited over a half of century to say “I do”. You want to tell me their love is different and make that distinction? That a beautiful and limitless thing has rules and a proper way to do it? Here’s how I see it love is love and you can’t be cured by treatment and religion… You can’t tell somebody who their in love with is wrong because, an old book doesn’t approve it. If everybody just worry about themselves the world would be a much better place.

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