Homosexuality As A Person Of The Same Sex Essay

Homosexuality As A Person Of The Same Sex Essay

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Homosexuality, commonly defined as being attracted to a person of the same sex, emerged only on the latter centuries. While the term has surfaced, it also brought about critiques, both to defend and to reject its existence. Despite Yip’s (2005) statements regarding the increase of normalization of homosexuality in the society, notable resistance from conservatives were evident in the religious communities. Examples of these resistances in the Christian community was demonstrated which include the appointment and subsequent withdrawal of Jeffrey John, who was publicly gay (Yip and Keenan, 2004). Another instance was how homosexuality was regarded as unhealthy or abnormal as manifested by the Vatican’s latest document on human sexuality (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 2003). Yip (2005) also mentioned that similar resistances were also evident in the Muslim community. These include Khalil El Moumni, an imam in the Netherlands, who declared in national television that homosexuality is “a disease, a sin, and a threat to social fabric” (Hekma, 2002).

To manage the lack of acceptance of the non-heterosexual christians and muslims in their religious communities, they developed strategies such as concealment of their sexuality, or distancing themselves from the religious communities and just practicing their religious faith privately by prayers, while even some extremes have discarded their religion, there are those who have remained in the religious communities with the hope of influencing positive change from within the community. These strategies have depicted how individuals manage and respond when they are facing exclusion from the society.

Initially, we should understand how the religious communities, conservatives,...

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...for approval but as guidance to their spiritual health. Therefore, the homosexuals do not contest to the values of the religious texts, but to the interpretations of the religious leaders who enforce them.

Lastly, the third approach is the creative approach, which is considered as less frequently used due to its recent development. Similar to the recent emergence of the concept of homosexuality, bring about the emergence of messages within the religious texts that are interpreted as relative to homosexuality, but were suppressed. The approach also includes the investigation of non-heterosexual implied messages within the religious texts such as the relation of Christ and his role as a victim of inequity to the non-heterosexuals being oppressed. Therefore, the approach attempts to narrate the interpretations of the religious texts as ‘non-heterosexual-compatible’.

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