Essay about Homosexuality And Its Effects On Society

Essay about Homosexuality And Its Effects On Society

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"Was I born like this?" This question is inevitably asked by homosexuals (also referred to as gays) worldwide. Homosexuality is often defined as the preference of or the attraction to people of the same sex. According to a study performed by Indiana University, roughly 8% of men and 7% of women identify as gay (Reece). However, there is no widely-accepted study concerning whether or not people are born gay, or if homosexuality is developed postnatally. Those who advocate the former assume that genes and prenatal hormones cause homosexuality. However, childhood factors and the fact that there is barely any biological correlation to homosexuality support that it is acquired during childhood and due to environment.
Homosexuality is most likely developed while an individual is growing up. A man 's childhood directly affects his psychological behavior and preferences later in his life. In specific, "Children’s personality traits have enduring effects that shape adult well-being"(Hampson). Therefore, childhood development ultimately affects the mindset and preferences, including sexual orientation, causing an individual to become homosexual or heterosexual. Also, a child 's parents can largely affect his/her future. As the director of the Civitan International Research Center of Alabama says, "Parenting influences are much more than parents ' desires to mold children...Can you make your child be who you want? Of course not"(Azar). This applies to homosexuality; although most straight (commonly referred to as heterosexual) parents want their children to be straight as well, sometimes their parenting style leads to their child becoming gay. Societal environment can also cause this. In most societies, "the individual cannot behave in the...

... middle of paper ... own decisions and how they develop, and therefore they cannot control if they are homosexual. So, those who say that since it is not controllable, homosexuality must be exclusively biological are incorrect. In fact, as previously mentioned, there is no significantly successful study that homosexuality is obtained prenatally. This leaves the only theory to be that it is affected mainly by environmental factors after birth.
Some people believe that gays are born gay. Obviously, they have not taken into considerations many pieces of scientific, trustable evidence. There is no significant scientific evidence that homosexuality is present at birth; all of the evidence supports the idea that it is psychologically obtained due to a child 's environment. Homosexuals should take this into account to make sure they do not have the wrong idea of how they became homosexual.

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