Essay on Homosexual Is A Sin And No Sin

Essay on Homosexual Is A Sin And No Sin

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The closest ideological position to me is accept the person, reject the behavior. It does not matter to me if someone homosexual or not. If that what he or she wants to do that is them. I feel like that is their business just like being heterosexual is my business. Being heterosexual or homosexual does not make you better than other. It is their life and they can do whatever they want. I do reject their behavior, because it is against my religion. I was taught being homosexual is wrong. I will treat them just like I treat everyone else. The reason why I do not care if someone is gay or not, because it does not concern me. My religion is a sin and no sin is greater than the other one. Plus, it is not me that is your life, as long as that person happy and not going through hard time; I do not care how he or she live their life. I do not look at them different than anyone else. We all do something in the world that someone does not approve of. We have to live our life how we want and what makes us happy. If that is what make them happy so let it be. I was always taught if you do not have nothing nice to say, well do not sat nothing at all. I feel comfort hanging around homosexual. I do not mind going out with them or sit around talking to them. They are cool just like everyone else. People see one gay person and assume every gay person is like that, which they are not. They just like any other groups, there is messy kind, stuck up, immature, etc. I think gay boys are very fun to hang out with except for the messy one. They like what we like so what is the big deal with guys asking why I hang with gay boys. That is still not the point. I do not like boys who sage, but I do not stop speaking to them for that reason. I am discomfort be...

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... people will not feel comfortable with the help from some professionals. Some professionals made make a client or clients feel made about their selves. I feel a little tension between professional values and ethics and your own personal beliefs. I believe I would forget about the religion thing and start talking about the Lord. I am around my dad a lot and he always put God in the conversation when he is talking to someone. I feel like I would get carried away and put God in the conversation as well. My clients might not believe in God or believe the same thing as I do. I believe God allows everything to happen for a reason. Most likely I would ask the client do he or she feel like God allow this to happen so they become closer to him. Once I starts talking sometime it is hard for me to close my mouth. I do not feel any other tension between the two other than that.

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