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Homicide Trial Process Essay

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Homicide Trial Process
The topic of capital punishment has been the subject of debate for many years as it should be on the minds of society. A society that seek to found justice for the victim who lost their lives at the hand of another human beings. The critics of capital punishment would argue that the government has over reached it authority and have sought to judge in God stead. However, the advocates of capital punishment will argue that many nations whether modern or ancient has used capital punishment as a method of justice.
As with any process that cannot be reversed there must be measured step to ensure that justice is rendered righteously. Therefore, its reasonable for a society such as the United States to have reliable recourse for determining the proper trial process for a homicide investigation. One will find it exciting to see a criminal apprehended, jailed, and then on to courts in what seem like a matter of days on the popular television shows.
However, in the real world the process is not as seamless and rapid one would observe on television. There are normally two trial for homicide cases, one for conviction and the second for sentencing. In this paper this author will explain the trial process for homicide investigation and the main stages of the trial . Moreover, the uniqueness of homicide investigations in relation to other crime that goes to jury trial will be examined. Lastly, an explanation to why all capital murder cases go to trial will be discussed.
After a person suspected of murder has been the trial process begin. During this stage the police will give the evidence they have complied to the prosecution. The prosecution will make a determi...

... middle of paper ...

... found justice for the victim who lost their lives at the hand of a criminal. The critics of capital punishment argue that the government over reached it authority pertaining to the death penalty and have sought to judge in God stead. However, the advocates of capital punishment argue that many nations whether modern or ancient has used capital punishment as a method of justice. This author think that capital murder is a debatable issue that should always be approach with caution.

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