Homework Performance: A Review of the Literature Essay

Homework Performance: A Review of the Literature Essay

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Homework Performance:
A Review of the Literature
Homework has, traditionally, been considered an important part of a quality education. Recent studies have begun to raise questions as to the validity of this school of thought. (Cooper, 2006) For the purpose of my action research project, homework is recognized as an important component in a student’s education experience. I have recently observed a problem with some of the students in my 3rd grade class not completing and turning in homework assignments. The research topic stems from this classroom observation and raises several questions:
1. Does homework performance have a direct correlation to student academic performance?
2. What strategies can result in improvement in student homework performance?
3. Will these strategies have a measurable impact on student performance on:
a) Homework?
b) Classwork?
c) Classroom tests?
d) Year-end Standardized testing?
This literature review will focus on these three questions.
Does homework performance have a direct correlation to student academic performance?
According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, homework is an important part
of most school-aged children’s daily routine (Campbell et al., 1996). A review of literature
indicates that using research “in forming homework policies and practices has been minimal. Advocates for or against homework often cite isolated studies either to support or to refute its value.” (Cooper, Robinson & Patel 2006). According to Cooper, the positive effect of homework on student achievement is debatable and subject to individuals’ opinions (Cooper, 2010). The studies evaluated by Cooper revealed that “homework can be effective in improving students’ scores” (Cooper, 2010)...

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