Homesickness Is A Prevalent Problem For College Students Essay

Homesickness Is A Prevalent Problem For College Students Essay

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Going away to college is characterized by two big changes: moving out and living independently without the comfort of parents, siblings, and old friends. Students are forced to make new acquaintances, care for their own needs, and adjust to new situations, routines, and most importantly a different environment. Although many students do not confess this, about 60% to70% of those who reside away from home for the first time develop feelings of homesickness (Van Tilburg, Vingerhoets, & Van Heck, 1999). Of that, about 7% to 10% develop a serious form of homesickness (Eurelings-Bontekoe, Brouwers, Verschuur, & Duijsens, 1998). These studies suggest that homesickness is a prevalent problem for college students. The purpose of this paper is to research whether parenting style is related to the prevalence of homesickness in college students who are residing away from home for the first time.
Homesickness has gained public attention because of the increased use of psychological services by college students. Furthermore, it affects their personal well-being and every day-life activities (Burt, 1993; Stroebe, Van Vliet, Hewstone, & Willis, 2002; Van Tilburg & Vingerhoets, 1997). Thurber and Walton (2012) reported that homesickness is an impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home. Its main manifestation revolves around the preoccupying thoughts of home and attachment to familiar objects. Homesickness can be expressed in various ways, such as negative emotions, obsessive thoughts about home, negative thoughts about the new environment, and physical and behavioral symptoms (Fisher, 1989). The behavioral symptoms typically reported are anxiety, depression, withdrawn behavior and difficulty focusing on topics unrelated ...

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...2001). However, children with authoritarian parents are typically unable to make their own decisions, making the child more dependent on their parents because they do not have the confidence in their own decision-making abilities. Indecisiveness might lead to anxiety and put the student at a greater risk for severe homesickness (Van Tilburg et al., 1996). Children with permissive and uninvolved parents also
tend to be strongly affected by homesickness. Since they experience little behavioral control and lack of warmth from their parents, they have low self-esteem and develop poor social skills, both of which are needed to ward off homesickness.
Based on the aforementioned evidence, college students who have authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved parents are more likely to experience severe feelings of homesickness rather than children with authoritative parents

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