Essay about Homesick, Grief And Horror The Themes Of War

Essay about Homesick, Grief And Horror The Themes Of War

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Homesick, Grief and Horror the Themes of War

War stories have reoccurring themes because war impacts so many peoples’ lives. War can make a person homesick where all the can think of is going home. Some people suffer from grief the loss of a loved one or someone they knew being killed in battle. Others recall absolute horror and shock from the things they have seen. War takes its toll on everybody, from the people on the battlefield to the family’s at home.
Soldier’s on the battlefield or just away from home all deal with homesickness, they are taken away from their families, sent to a place with a culture they know little about, and try to learn a language they have never heard before. Soldiers suffer from homesickness a lot harder than a normal person on the last day of a business trip, they are gone for years, long enough for their friends and family to change, their kids grow up, the places they once went to are now gone. Being gone for so long effect’s someone so hard that it clouds their judgement. In the short story “The Things They Carried "by author Tim O’Brien, a character named Lt. Jimmy Cross was a leader of a squad, and was so caught up with fantasizing over a woman from home, that all he could think of was being at home, with her. One day Jimmy’s daydreaming got one of his men killed which kind of brought him back to reality. In another story from the movie Letters Home from Vietnam Peter Elliot writes home of how he is so exhausted from the war that he just wants to go home, which shows that war can exhaust a man so much that all he can pray for is going home.
Grief is another big theme when it comes to war, like being homesick or losing one of your friends, it is a very heavy feeling. A soldier is always car...

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...lies, murdering innocent people. Larry recalls standing in the line of fire in order to get his allies to stop firing. If it wasn 't for these brave men, the entire village would have been killed off. War is a terrible place it makes a man become his worst and forces them to see the worst, creating terrible sights that last a lifetime over 80% of veterans diagnosed with PTSD still suffer from it over 30+ years.
From the men that dream of a day that they will return home to see their families. The people that lost their friends to battle, or the mothers and fathers that no longer can see their son. The horrors of war that last a lifetime creating many restless nights for our veterans. Every war has its stories and every war changes history, but one thing that stays the same are these three underlying themes. War makes an impact that will last for generations to come.

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