Essay on Homeschooling Vs. Public Schools

Essay on Homeschooling Vs. Public Schools

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Many of us have never heard about homeschooling so we may ask, “What is homeschooling”? Other questions that come up regarding homeschooling are, “How is homeschooling better than the public schools that we are offered”? “Will students obtain a better education through homeschooling”? There are many questions regarding homeschooling and public school. Homeschooling is an option parents can choose, if they want to teach their children at home and follow a Christian curriculum. There is no start time for school; it is done on your own schedule. Usually the schedule is early, but it can be in the afternoon. Each child has to work at their grade level. But remember you as a parent are solely responsible for providing the curriculum and instruction to your child and are also responsible for his goals.
More than a hundred years ago, parents were tutoring their children at home. An early example of homeschooling in our country is when the pilgrims first came to America from England. Many of them were Christian families who sought to raise their children in Biblical teachings and hoped to bond their sons and daughters closer to one another and to God. In those days a suitable teacher was hard to find and several parents wanted their young ones to have an opportunity to gain knowledge in various studies and most importantly learn about the Bible. According to time magazine, many decades late, homeschooling was illegal in several American states until the 1980s and 1990s. Fast forwarding to the present day, Time Magazine states that the ranks of families who homeschool has grown dramatically. The most recent in 2010 showed that more than one hundred thousand students were being homeschooled, and the number is continuing to raises. Today ma...

... middle of paper ... teach their children a specific curriculum or provide biblical foundations for their children. Homeschooling gives parents the opportunities to work at their own pace and build a strong relationship with their child. Students who are homeschool also don’t have to undergo peer pressures or worry about not fitting in or being bullied. However, with every good thing there are also negatives about homeschooling. Students who are homeschools are not as sociable, they don’t get to participate in school sports, or attend school events like student who attend public school. Parents also have to be fully prepared and qualified to homeschool their children if they want to prepare them for college. Homeschooling can be very stressful on parents and they have to spend 24/7 with their child. I truly believe that homeschooling can be a good thing if it works for the family.

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