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Homeschooling : The Future Of The America Essays

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Homeschooling, could this be the future of the America? What are some benefits of homeschooling verses traditional schooling? Homeschooling has been around for quite some time now. Most families choose to home school their children for a number of reasons, the main reason from my understanding of the readings is Religion. Other reasons very from the type of environments public schools provide to their child not getting enough attention. We could go on and on about the different reason parents choose to homeschool their kids. Homeschooling your kids the right way takes a lot of time, money, and resources for it to be done right and for the kids to benefit from it. Public school teachers specialize in their specific areas weather its Math, English, Science or Social Studies, with homeschooling you have your mother or father teaching you your course materials. The gaps that comes with homeschooling can be very overwhelming for some students and parents. Technology has increased the learning curve tremendously over the years, kids now a days have IPads or different tablets to assist them with different courses or projects. Public schools provides kids with memories one will have forever and one will be able to meet a lot of different people from the same area you’re from. Homeschooling is way more expensive than public school so if your family don’t have the income to be able to with stand the financial burden it’s not really an option. Homeschoolers face different challenges when they enter classrooms for the first time, weather its College level or High School. Homeschooling has some good benefits but I’m not sold on the fact that your mother and father are your primary teacher, you need people who has enough knowledge about the ...

... middle of paper ... homeschooling because of the money issue. Do one really want to keep their child caged in the home to shadow them from the real world? The real world is out there and it can be big and scary. So people should send their kids to public schools and try to work hand and hand with the school so their child receives the best education possible. This way your kids can get the traditional school but, they also learn extra materials. People love running away from problems yes some public schools are bad but you can almost guarantee there aren’t any parent involvement in those schools. Discipline starts at home, learning starts at home so don’t blame the schools because your kids aren’t learning. With that said, homeschooling can be tuff on kids and parents not even realize it they may think that this is what’s best but they could be damaging their kid in so many ways.

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