Homeschooling Prepares Students for College Essay

Homeschooling Prepares Students for College Essay

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Homeschooling Prepares Students for College

What do you think when you hear about a homeschooled student going to college? Envision that student in your head. Who do you see? Do you see someone who is scared, lost, and maybe not on the same learning level as their peers? If so, then you have a similar vision as a majority of the population. So the real question at this point is; Are these thoughts of homeschooled students going to college correct or false? Contrary to popular belief, they are absolutely false! The student you envision should be strong, intelligent, and prepared to take on the journey ahead. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, homeschooled students are far more prepared for college than those students learning in the traditional way. Homeschooled students, on average, make higher grades, adjust and cope with changing surroundings superiorly, and are overall more successful in college.
So why is it that homeschooled students are seen in such a negative light when it comes to college? Well let’s start with the basics. Most people see homeschooling as cutting students off from other children and promoting solidarity due to the fact that classmates like traditional students do not surround them. These thoughts of cutting out socialization leads to the misrepresentation that homeschooled students will adjust poorly to college where they are surrounded by thousands of other students on campus and possibly hundreds in a single classroom. So why isn’t this true? To start, because homeschooled students are not in a classroom all day like other students. They are able to not only spend more time being in clubs, organizations, and sports, but also with their friends.
The next belief people have in their heads is ...

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...these students is at an astonishing 42.5%. Luckily for the homeschooled students, their dropout rate was only at 37.3%. But these numbers are useless if the students don’t even attend college. The last set of statistics show what percent of homeschooled students actually attend college. The Home School Legal Defense Association has shown that over 74% of 18 - 24 year olds actually attended college or have taken college level courses. This number puts to shame the mere 46% of traditionally educated adults that ended up attending college.
With all this information given it is clear to see that homeschooling does in fact prepare students for college. Not only does it prepare students for working on their own, but it also gives students an added bust as far as grades go to get into college. I all a majority of students seem to have benefited from being homeschooled.

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