Essay on Homeschooling : Disadvantages And Disadvantages

Essay on Homeschooling : Disadvantages And Disadvantages

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Homeschooling has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Those who wish to home school, their children, need to take careful consideration before doing so. One thing that can be done, would be to do thorough research and to weigh the pros and cons very heavily. Researching will help a parent know and understand all the positives and negatives to homeschooling. This will help a parent know what all is involved and help them understand whether or not this is something that they can do without any doubts. Once they have weighed all into consideration, they will be better able to know if this is something that will benefit their lifestyle, their home and most of all their children. This paper will present both sides of the argument so that a reader will have a better understanding of both.
Homeschooling should be a matter of choice and whether or not the child can face having a normal education based on their mental state. When home schooling, children do not have to deal with bullying, peer pressure, or the cruelty of other children. As with children who face the traditional public schools have to deal with the harshness of the realities every day they attend! The children who are home schooled do not have to deal with the pressure of test anxiety and the fears that they will not succeed. They will be able to be in a safe environment and have a chance to have a one on one learning experience with their teacher. The child and or children can work on making friends on their own terms and can express their selves truly as they are instead of having to deal with bullying and dress codes. Others would claim that the child would have a better chance at a normal life due to having a better chance to have a social life due to the envi...

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...he children with these areas. There are also things that the parents can do in order to strengthen the children and help them. A parent must also look into keeping the child’s self-esteem up and make sure the child does not become depressed with the path that has been laid before them as well.
In conclusion, it is clear to see that homeschooling does have many advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing a parent can do before deciding to home school their children is to thoroughly research both the pros and cons. Having a better understanding of all the positives and negatives of homeschooling, and knowing if it is something they are capable of handling without any doubts. Once the pros and cons are weighed then, a parent can make an educated decision as to which type of schooling can be most beneficial to their children, their lifestyle, and their home.

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