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Homeschooling Benefits Essay

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In this article “What Americans keep ignoring,” Anu Partanen believes that education in Finland made more successful than United States. She says that schools in Finland believe in engaging more in creativity than taking standardized tests. In Finland there are no private schools. It means every child is able to attend public school and they all are publicly financed. Even there are no private universities in Finland so that means every one attend public school from Pre-K through PH.D. In Finland schools, teachers or universities are not based on rank meaning beset school or teacher. However I am not satisfied by public school in Finland. Not all public schools have good background. Homeschooling is rare in Finland. Finland believes more in community. In United States homeschooling students score more higher in standardized test. I think homeschooling has its own benefits. Especially in these days homeschooling is best choice for students. In my opinion home schooled are beneficial for children because they can focus in the home.
The benefits of homeschooling are that it can bring families more closely together. Parents can spend a lot of time with their children. In home individual can have eagerness to gain knowledge it can benefit from learning new things from parents. Parents can share experiences with their children. It makes family bond stronger and easily able to interact with parents in ease. Individual can interact with different types of ages in home and it benefits for them they ...

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.... In some schools students really have think how to dress and be popular. Some go really extreme. Some students dress up or are like someone else just to be popular or fit in the group. But they are not being themselves they are just making a mask to please others. In home school there is no need to show something that is false. But in home school there is no pressure. A student can complete his or her studies faster if they don’t like to wait every year. Like going to school every year and completing grades. Making studies go faster and easier.

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