Homeschooling : An Definition, History, And Current Social Importance Of Homeschooling

Homeschooling : An Definition, History, And Current Social Importance Of Homeschooling

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Lyman(2006) writes about the definition, history, and current social importance of homeschooling in the United States. The author defines the education which is provided at home instead of school as homeschooling. She sates thatearlier homeschooling was confined mostly to the handicapped children who were not fit along with the regular students, who need extra care and the wealthier classes who wanted their children to be prepared for university studies. She continues to give an information that the number of families considering their children to have their schooling at home is increasing every year with the awareness of the positive traits of homeschooling followed bythe research work by the educational specialists, even while other education reformers and critics state the cons of homeschooling like those students would not be gregarious. I agree with the author’s point of homeschooling that the children would be more creative, self-dependent rather than depending on their peers, and even have higher achievement scores, but the drawback of homeschooling is that they would have less interaction with the society outside where they have to continue their journey for the rest of the years after schooling.

The children who are homeschooled would be more self-dependent than the children who go to private or public schools. In schools the children are made to learn the syllabus which the school follows , they have to learn this along with all the students even if they are interested or not . At times it might happen that even the student who has knowledge of subjects outside the school syllabus may stick to the school syllabus, whereas that is not the case with the children who are homeschooled , these children are mostly taught t...

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...r to have the homeschooled children civilized in society and with other fellow students, can be done by conducting educational fairs, competitions and cultural activities for them which would help the homeschooled to have interactions with other people during such activities as well as help them in being sociable.

Home-schooling improves children’s knowledge along with that he/she should be exposed to society. The schooling of children just will not decide the factor of how they are going to be for the rest of their future, it is the way they consider their surrounding things and how well they can get along with the society. So as learning and gaining more knowledge would be possible with the homeschooling, it would make them creative as well as self-dependent, but as they may have less social interaction, efforts should be made in order to have social interaction.

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