Essay on Homeschooling : A Second Rate Method

Essay on Homeschooling : A Second Rate Method

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Homeschooling: A Second-rate Method
Learning process is an essential component of humans’ self-identity. Therefore, proper educational environments have been created to fulfill that necessity. In some countries, those environments can be homes instead of schools. The education which is provided at home is called homeschooling and most of time parents become teachers, but some independent instructors can be hired. Homeschooling has a large history which is mainly related to parent’s interest of providing religious education because public schools, where children’s attendance were mandatory, banned religious beliefs. Parents’ interest was supported by governments who established that they have the right to educate their children according to their beliefs. Becoming this practice legal, regulations were applied to grant qualified teaching. But, in countries like United States where each state possess autonomy over their education policies, those regulations became weaker and more parents started homeschooling even without a strong reason. Due to the weakness of regulations on homeschooling, many negative effects raised. However, some parents and sectors of the government consider that homeschooling is a valid alternative way in which education can be offered. On the contrary, many experts agree that this practice is obsolete in the twentieth-first century when education is indispensable to have a comfortable live because society looks for well-educated people that can not only do a job but to act according to skills that schools provides. They explain that there reasons for which schools were created and teachings at homes were slowly desapearing. In addition, they point that it is understandable that teaching at home was a start...

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...y, children learning will be limited and they may struggle to understand some specific areas. Caitlin Townsend, a doctoral candidate in history at the University of Michigan, narrates her personal experience on homeschooling. She had to take math classes in college because the instruction received at home was not enough. Referring to this, she expresses ‘‘what could I have benefited from was a system of evaluation that would have given my mother some red flags that I needed some tutoring in science and math’’ (2015). This lack of regulations allow parents to deliver unprepared students to the society. As Jim Buckheit, executive director of the Pennsylvania association of school administrators expresses, ‘‘Here we are loosening standards for a subject of students while at the same time giving them the same credential as all other students’’ (as cited in Rich, 2015).

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