Essay on Homer 's Iliad And Hesiod 's Works And Days Multiple Times

Essay on Homer 's Iliad And Hesiod 's Works And Days Multiple Times

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Whether it was during times of war or during times of peace, religion remained a big part of Greek culture, be it the troops fighting during a war or living throughout their daily life. This is shown in both Homer’s Iliad and Hesiod’s Works and Days multiple times.
Within the first few pages of the Iliad, we start out in a time of war, there is talk of the gods helping out in the battles for both the Trojans and the Greeks, and in this first instance, it is about Zeus’ son, Apollo helping the Trojans. When Chryses fails to ransom for his daughter to be released, he prays to Apollo saying “Hear me, Silverbow…and God of Plague! If ever I’ve…that pleased you…Grant me this prayer: Let the Danaans pay for my tears with your arrows!” (Il. 2.45-51). This was his way of saying that after everything he had done for Apollo, if any of those things had pleased him then help Chryses out this one time. Chryses has a problem and his instant reaction is to pray to the gods for help which means religion plays a role big enough to affect how he acts. Only a couple pages after the first appearance of a god, a second one joins in. During the meeting on how to deal with Apollo, a fight is about to break out over Achilles giving his reward to Agamemnon then Athena comes down from Mount Olympus on Heras orders to stop this fighting and break the tension because a meeting is no place for violence. after she talks, Achilles states “When you two speak, Goddess, a man has to listen no matter how angry. It’s better that way. Obey the gods and they hear you when you pray” (Il. 7.226-228). This line by Achilles shows how high of a regard the Greeks place the gods. Achilles who is a demi-god and the best fighter in all of Greece doesn’t even argue with Athena,...

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... days that “come from Zeus and his wisdom” (WD 849) which state what certain days’ mean and what should be done by people on those days. The ending of Works and Days also blatantly helps to prove my point by stating that you are doing well as long as you do your works and not offend the gods. One of the two things that means you are doing fine in life has to do with the gods so one can infer that Religion was a huge part that shaped their daily lives.
Whether it was during times of war or not, religion remained a big part Greek culture, whether it was the troops fighting during a war or living your daily life. The examples from the Iliad helped to prove the parts it played during times of conflict and war and how this was one aspect that wasn’t specifically for one gender or the other, while the Works and Days examples focused on the house life during times of peace.

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