The Homeowners Wi Fi Password Essay

The Homeowners Wi Fi Password Essay

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the homeowners Wi-Fi password. Internet providers realize this, so they take advantage of their customers. They can easily raise the price of their service and people would almost certainly pay the increased amount. Giving businesses the ability to do this is very dangerous for consumers.
Finally, the companies that produce these products have complete control over the consumers who are addicted. They can make and sell as much or as little of their product that they want, and they can make the price whatever they want it to be. The addicted consumer will then do whatever it takes to get the new product. The producers then use the money they made to get more people addicted to their products, and then the producers make more money and the cycle continues. In fact, some of these companies have enough power to be considered a government, because of their money and the control they have over people. The human race should not allow ourselves to become so addicted to a material that is as dangerous as the internet, for we do not know the full consequences of this material yet.
Although people do not believe it, internet addiction is just as dangerous, if not more than, as any other addiction that is known. Once a person is addicted the internet is one of the main priorities in their lives. Internet addiction can lead to the same problems of other addictions, such as personal, family, financial, and any other problems addiction leads to. The reason this addiction would be hard to overcome is because it is available to the person that is addicted almost anywhere that they go. Here are some examples of how this certain addiction can affect a person. It can affect them personally because, instead of wanting to go ou...

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...ct the planet in the future. Some studies might even say this addiction will help humanity advance in the future. However, it is causing major problems for people today. This addiction is causing people to be so unmotivated that they either lose their job or they are no longer searching for a job. People are starting to think that it is more necessary for them to stay at home on their smart phone, than to go out and have interactions with humans in real life. Internet addiction is a big problem in the United States, but if it spreads to all of the other countries how will the world operate? The people who created these devices did a great job, because they are very useful tools when they are not abused. This addiction did a great job in getting technological advancements started; now it just needs to end so that scientists can get another leap into the future.

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