Homelessness, Youth, Social Justice, And Race And Ethnicity Essay

Homelessness, Youth, Social Justice, And Race And Ethnicity Essay

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In 2011, 2650 people were found to be homeless in the city of Vancouver (Metro Vancouver, 2012). There are many sociological perspectives regarding the topic of homelessness in Vancouver such as gender, youth, social justice, and race and ethnicity. The key factors that I discovered when researching homelessness in Vancouver were the prevalence of various drug addictions, prostitution, violence, and physical and sexual abuse in the homeless population. By reading several articles regarding my topic I pose the research question: Is not having a home the main factor that marginalizes the homeless? In addition, what should be done to reduce homelessness in Vancouver?

Based on quantitative and qualitative data Mario Berti (2010) points out that homeless people in Vancouver “view the law as a force that applies against them, rather than working for them”. In other words, the law is not protecting this population and in a way segregating them so that they experience themselves as “secondary citizens”. Typically, the law views homeless people as disturbing in general which automatically creates a mindset for the law, which is very biased. For example, the homeless class would be treated very different from people in higher social classes in the way that the law would react to situations in which they are victimized. The homeless are stereotyped by law enforcement resulting in them having no one to turn to and typically then making the wrong lifestyle choices. Berti (2010) also points out how laws and regulations that target homeless people such as the Safe Streets Act and the Trespass Act. In these Acts, the gestures of homeless people, whether begging on the sidewalk, squeegeeing windows, or sleeping in public, “are socioleg...

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...g relapses is also another good strategy when it comes to recovering from drugs which is a major factor. The government focuses more on the survival of this population rather than actual solutions. By aiding the homeless people in Vancouver we are not only doing the right thing as a community in our society, but also investing in the future of our city and country. The homeless citizens we see everyday all have their own stories just like everyone else and do not prefer or want this lifestyle but merely all come from a past that has brought them to this point in life. This cycle has victimized them from generation to generation and there must be a stop to this finally to break it once and for all. In order to stop the cycle the issues of gender, youth, social justice, race and ethnicity needs to be seriously addressed so we can finally see a permanent change.

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