Homelessness with Mental Illnesses in Crisis Essay

Homelessness with Mental Illnesses in Crisis Essay

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Nature of Crisis
Mental health problems contribute to some homelessness exacerbating disturbances of a critical disposition. Homelessness is problematic without Mental Health issues and can be harder to treat without the added disparity. Homelessness and mental health issues can induce crisis alone and combined. The combination of these two issues can worsen disruption leading to greater chance of crisis. Roberts (2005) states that there must be an ongoing balance of affect and cognitive abilities available to counter stressful incidents that could lead to crisis. A person who is unstable in their mental health would have fewer resources to combat crisis. A stressful situation added to mental health issues could lead to crisis and homelessness. Lee et al. (2010) say mental illness associated with homelessness could be from the crises or cause crisis. Each additional stress can escalate disruption leading to the possibility of crisis.
Lee et al. (2010) state living on the streets can increase social instability and drug abuse. These two interferences may ignite or resurface a person’s mental health problem. Roche (2004) says there is a significant relationship between homelessness, mental health, and physical health. A person with a mental health issue may possible neglect their physical health. McMahon (2009) outlines treatment a client who had poor physical, mental health and homelessness. Mental health issues do not predetermine poor physical health, but may be a related factor. Strine et al.(2012) outline studies on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) making connections to mental health issues and substance use while Montgomery, Cutuli, Evan-Chase, Treglia and Culhane (2013) makes a connection between ACE, h...

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