Essay on Homelessness Is Becoming A Serious Global Problem

Essay on Homelessness Is Becoming A Serious Global Problem

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Imagine, it’s a frigid winter 's night, people rush around you on the busy sidewalks trying to find the perfect present for that special someone. You, however, are looking for something completely different. Looking for recyclable scraps that litter the street, you hobble around and try to walk off the numbness in your toes. The bustling streets start to empty out as it nears midnight, you too should go home. Therein lies the problem: you don’t have one. Homelessness is becoming a serious global problem. Cities around the world are trying anything they can think of to fix this epidemic, and the first step is to understand the full extent of the situation. The United States has a population of about 300 million people and approximately 650,000 of them are homeless on any given night (“General Homelessness Facts”). Many of these Americans suffer from mental illness and still attempt to provide for their families as well. When people become informed about the problem of homelessness, they try to seek out solutions. However, some plans are not helping homeless citizens get back on their feet. Americans have a strong can-do attitude and we believe anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but that is not realistic in this situation. The other solution people offer is to treat homeless people like criminals who can be used and manipulated. None of these solutions or stereotypes are helping to shelter the homeless. Citizens need to debunk these common myths and come up with action plans to help people who are experiencing hard times.
The myths about homelessness have to stop for society to move forward. People frequently ask: “Why don’t they get a job?” Because many people think the homeless are lazy bums looking for handouts i...

... middle of paper ...

... but there is still work that needs to be done. The myths that were explained are only a few of many others not mentioned in this paper. People have to remember anyone can become homeless at any point in their life, so we should not isolate them from the regular population. Also, the majority of the homeless community is not dangerous. Homeless people are not lazy, they just need a helping hand to get back on their feet. Caring and compassionate citizens can make a difference if they are educated on current social issues. Perhaps schools need to push a local current events class as early as junior high to help spread the facts and not myths. It will be difficult to change everyone’s opinion about homelessness, but education is always the first step in fixing social issues such as this. If people are willing to learn about the homeless epidemic, it will soon disappear.

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