Homelessness Is A Major Social Problem Affecting Children, Families, Babies, Veterans, And The Elderly

Homelessness Is A Major Social Problem Affecting Children, Families, Babies, Veterans, And The Elderly

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Homelessness is a major social problem affecting children, families, babies, veterans and the elderly. The National Alliance to end Homelessness (2016) report that, in January 2015, there were 564,708 people who were homeless on any given night in this country. Of this number, 206,286 were people in families, and 358,422 were individuals. Accordingly, 15% of the homeless population are considered "chronically homeless individuals."
Social Problem
The McKinley Act of 1987 defines homelessness as when a person lacks a permanent, regular, fixed, and adequate nighttime residence (or) • Live in a shelter or transitional housing residence for homeless persons (or) • Live in a temporary residence for persons waiting for institutionalization (or) • Are sleeping in a place not intended for human beings (or) • Will be evicted within one week from their home (or) • Will be discharged within one week from institutions where they have lived for more than 30 days in a row, and they have not found a place to live, and they have no money or other resources to find a place to live. (Stop the Criminalization of Homelessness!)
Since the passage of the McKinley Act of 1987, the government has moved away from the causes of homelessness and refocused attention on the individual responsibility of those who become homeless, blaming the victim for their misfortune. Homelessness increases because of this belief, and it will continue to rise until a more realistic examination of the causes of this social dilemma is instituted. Unless our government commits to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy, and technical assistance, homelessness will be deemed as a national disaster for the United States. The causes of homelessness are primar...

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...he homelessness project. The task force will purchase a 50-unit apartment complex that was recently foreclosed on due to unpaid taxes. Community volunteers that specialize in plumping, carpentry, and electrical work have agreed to join forces enabling these units to be HUD-certified. However, only a portion of these apartments will not be certified due to the eligibility requirements of this program and concerns that clientele will not meet these qualifications.
Homelessness continues to be a social issue in this country and unless steps such as Housing First are not implemented then limited progress is achievable. The certain housing policy places barriers in place, thus negatively impacting the effectiveness on this program. This unique approach eliminates the social barriers and enables the basic survival needs to be met before addressing individual 's problems.

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