Essay on Homelessness Is A Major Problem

Essay on Homelessness Is A Major Problem

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Homelessness is a major problem all over the world, for many reasons such as; escaping
abusive family members, poverty, addictions, and simply not wanting to live by society’s rules.
In this case an Agency decided to higher homeless people as Wi-Fi hotspots. Reason being was
because of an upcoming convention where everyone would be able to connect to the same
hotspot, which left the homeless to solve the problem. Many people felt it was cruel to use
someone that is homeless in that form of manner, but to the homeless it was a great way of
making money. If a homeless individual approached the conference, and there was a hotspot for
a donation, I would definitely agree on the situation. It would help me learn more about the
individual, and understand the occurrence of the person being homeless. Being unfortunate in the
society, and not having enough to be able to afford a living would devastate me to the point
where I would do anything to try and keep myself alive. If I was asked to be a hotspot for a
donation, I would take the offer immediately. Coming from a war torn country, it made me
aware of my surroundings. My family and I were close to being homeless, I have experienced the
struggles. The project can definitely fill the gap because even though people think that it’s not
normal to use a homelessness person as a Wi-Fi spot, there is people who mistreat the homeless,
and don’t care of their existence.
Attending a conference where a homeless hotspot is introduced would catch my attention,
because the homeless could use the help by our society. Homelessness is a major problem in our
society already, so why not try to fix the problem instead of ignoring it. Homeless hotspot could
also possibly help the homeless get back into socie...

... middle of paper ...

... a Wi-Fi spot is incredible when someone has nothing.
The cause of homelessness varies in many ways, because each individual without a home
is homeless for a different reason. Helping the homeless by paying them to be a hotspot is a
helpful and caring way for the individual. Many may think different of the situation based on
their own opinions, but as long as the homeless individual agrees to take the job then that’s all
that matters. Being homeless would be hard, because you are always on the lookout for a new
place to spend the night, with the thought of finding a place that provides safety, and warmth.
Many won’t even get that far to finding any sort of shelter if they were in that position. The
agency that has provided the homeless with a way of making an income was only an offer and if
the homeless person didn’t want to participate they didn’t have too

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