Homelessness Is A Huge Problem Throughout The United States Essay

Homelessness Is A Huge Problem Throughout The United States Essay

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Homelessness is a huge problem throughout the United States. It is difficult to see how many people are homeless in communities across the nation. In Fort Morgan alone we have an unseen homeless population. Homeless people go without help because they are judged and looked down on regardless of their story. They go without their stories being told and being judged on a daily basis. Many times, the truth is, homeless people are not what people’s perceptions of them are.
By definition, homeless means a person or persons who lack permanent housing. According to the US Department of Housing there were more than five hundred thousand people who were homeless in the US in 2015 (Johnson). In Morgan County alone, there are three hundred to four hundred people homeless at one time; and another one hundred people on the verge of being homeless (Barker). These numbers include those who have lost their housing, who have had to move in with their families or friends, those sleeping on couches at peoples’ homes, those living in motels, those living in cars or tents or on the street (Barker). Between 2007 and 2011, there was a thirty percent increase in homeless families nationwide (Branaugh). According to a report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development the numbers were down from 2014 (Johnson). “We are still seven million units short of affordable housing for low-income people-that’s a big gap” said Nan Roman, president of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, in Washington. Even with a decrease in homelessness there is still a huge unseen homeless problem in the United States. Homeless people are faced with extreme challenges that are not seen by the majority of people. Instead, they judge and hate people without understa...

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... percent of the families who take part in the FHSI initiative still have the same housing after one year (Branaugh). Since the launch of FHSI it has fielded inquiries from cities nationwide including ones in Tennessee, South Dakota, Florida, and Virginia, have all taken efforts similar to the FSHI model (Branaugh).
The United States has a huge unseen homeless problem. The homeless are judged and hated; they go through struggles every day that people take for granted. Instead of helping someone in need people would rather judge and hate. Doing a good thing for someone without something in return is not normal anymore. Homeless people are hated and portrayed as bad people but in all reality the majority of them are good people. People need to stop judging and hating the homeless, and try helping them instead. It is good to remember that homelessness can hit anyone.

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