Essay on Homelessness Is A Danger For Our Society

Essay on Homelessness Is A Danger For Our Society

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Homelessness poses a danger not only to ourselves but also to our society and its ability to succeed. Image yourself living as a homeless person you would have to consider your whole day, where you would wake up to in the morning, which will likely shape up your whole day and determine if you can make it through or not.
Almost all of us have seen people in the street holding up signs asking for help for something to eat, more and more people are seen on the streets. “According to a survey announced in early October [2005] by USA Today, more than 727,000 individuals were homeless in 460 communities [in spring 2005]” (Romeo 1). Knowing how high the numbers of homeless is in the year off 2005, you can pretty much product how much it would probably raise now in the year of 2015. I wonder why many people are getting homeless? I wonder if most of the homeless population would enjoy and appreciate a home. Even if that home has been just a room, place to bathe, and sleep at night, or spend their day other than being on the sidewalk or sitting in the park. If you are homeless and you get very lucky, your friends or family members would take you in allow you to use their bathroom, a couch or bed, and some food to eat. Also if you are lucky and don 't have any of your friends or family to take you in, you might find a shelter to stay in almost every night. But if you aren 't lucky you will wake up with your belonging stolen from you and probably not in the place you fell asleep in. So homeless people if they are very unlucky they will probably wake up in the hospital, gravely injured, or robbed, and possibly near death. Being homeless is dangerous to special if ...

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