Homelessness : America Is Almost An Epidemic Essay

Homelessness : America Is Almost An Epidemic Essay

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Homelessness in America is almost an epidemic. There are millions of people in the United States alone who suffer from homelessness, meaning they are without, a roof over their head at night, and without food. Many people just overlook it, and don’t realize how big of an issue this really is. Being homeless just doesn’t happen in a specific part of the United States, it happens everywhere across the country, even in the places you would never expect. It happens in the wealthiest of places, and the poorest of places, one place being Newark, Ohio, and the local communities surround it. With it being so close to where we live, there is so much we could be doing to help those who are suffering from it, but instead we drive right by them not even offering them a drink of water, or a blanket when it’s cold out.
Homelessness is a sad thing in world, America and sadly in our own neighborhoods. Those who are homeless don’t have a house, let alone food or a blanket to keep them warm at night wherever they may be sleeping. It isn’t something to laugh about or joke about because people we come in contact with at the store, or at school could have relatives that could be homeless and we wouldn’t have any idea. When you see a homeless person the first thing you should think of is bringing that person comfort, and love. They have done nothing to anyone to deserve the smirks that they are constantly given. We don’t know their situation, they may be a runaway, or they could have lost their job. Most people would talk to the person to find out what they need and what would best work for them, in means of help. Most of the things that are done worldwide for homeless people, can be applied to smaller towns around the world.
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.... The Look-Up center who provides dental services for those who are homeless, and for those who are under the poverty line, by giving them free extractions. Donating your time to helping around the clinic, is something simple we can do, but it’s something we can do around our local community to help the homeless, and less fortunate. We don’t have to volunteer our whole day to helping the homeless, but the time we give they will be just as thankful and appreciative as ever because they know it will have been done from the heart, instead of a paying job.
From helping at a local food pantry, to tutoring a homeless child in math or reading, the help we’ve given them as a community can mean the world to them as a person. The community coming together to play games with the children, or teach them will bring so much joy to them knowing that people actually care for them.

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