Essay on Homelessness : A Major Occurrence Around The World

Essay on Homelessness : A Major Occurrence Around The World

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Homelessness has become a major occurrence around the world. Due to the many impacts of life people in today’s world have become subject to living on the streets. Many people are destitute and are unable to pay bills and feed addictions which leads to them picking their addictions and losing their homes. Many jobs were lost in the recession and some have never recovered from that loss. Abusive relationships appear more often and leave the victim homeless in order to become safe. Often people are also affected by alcoholism and poverty makes them choose their own priorities. Poverty is shown to be the root problem and cause of homelessness most likely leading to these issues.
Homelessness is a common occurrence in many areas. Each person has a different story but most began with the downward spiral after recent job losses or declining wages. Although incomes appear to be rising…factors contributing to wage declines include a steep drop in the number and bargaining power of unionized workers (National Coalition for the Homeless). Minimum wage for these workers commonly puts housing out of reach. Working homeless people report that their incomes are not sufficient to afford a family’s basic living needs (Molloy).This commonly shown gap between affordable housing and the amount of people needing them has created a crisis for the poor. Despite the improving economy, the affordable housing grew by one million. These factors cause great stress and depression in the homeless community leading to upcoming frustrations and a lower percentage for improvement.
Substance abuse also contributes to homelessness and can be attached to overwhelming poverty. This has long since been recognized as a major factor contributing to the problems of the h...

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...d advocates have succeeded in manufacturing this so called crisis not only by exaggerating numbers but also by distorting the truth about the roots of homelessness (Carnacchio). The media portrays the homeless as an ordinary American in hard times. Many don’t account for the homeless criminals whom roam the streets.
With these thoughts in mind and looking back it tends to be better rewarding to help the homeless and not have to worry about signs on the street or situations that they go through. If you disregard them the situation does not get better and a scrutinizing look will not change how they live if there is no absolute remedy to the bigger problem. Poverty and homelessness are contributing factors that are largely impacted every day and with root problem aside has underlying problems that many do not know occur within or before becoming chronically homeless.

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