Homeless People With The Homeless Essay

Homeless People With The Homeless Essay

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If people were to go outside on each and every single big holiday in the United States, one might notice people volunteering to help the homeless. On Thanksgiving, probably one of the most important holidays of them all, there are long lines of homeless people with empty trays in places such as the local soup kitchen just waiting to be fed and the many tables of people eating. However, if you were to look closer, one might be able to see children nestled between these adults. On Christmas Day, another important holiday, there are children waiting in line to get a gift from Santa Clause, such as a pair of mittens, a truck for a little boy, and even a doll for a little girl.
Yet, if you were to ask them what the one thing these homeless children need most of all, the majority would mention the fact that they would like a place to sleep in a bed of their own, and not having to walk around all day if not in school seeking shelters from the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. There are homeless shelters that disallow people to stay in the daytime, therefore forcing homeless families to pack up their belongings and move elsewhere; one could even say they are carrying their homes on their backs while moving around. From time to time, these children can be seen with a parent either at the Department of Human Services, hoping for some type of assistance which requires an address, in the public library, trying to be quiet and remain invisible, in church, praying to stay strong and to be connected to a food bank, standing in line around 5:00 PM before the doors open to a shelter each night, hoping to be one of the lucky ones to have a bed to sleep in for the evening, or even sitting next to you in school. It is very important for ...

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...lass in the United States. The homeless are the “fallout” of our postindustrial economy (Henslin 275). Reading further led me to believe that they are part of a social class, known as the underclass. Welfare, food stamps, and food pantries are their main support. Later, there was a section that perfectly answers the question of homeless mothers entitled “The Feminization of Society”.
I have learned many things during the course of the completion of the project. What probably made this assignment slightly difficult than intended for me was not only finding the right search terms to be used, but also finding the right credible sources to use. Through research, some of the answers in regards to a question a simple as what homeless was could most likely be found via the use of a dictionary. Of course, I was never looking for simplistic answers, but I was only interested.

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