Homeless Is Not A Right Of Any Child Essay

Homeless Is Not A Right Of Any Child Essay

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A cold, hungry child, emaciated, roaming the cold, dark streets looking for some dilapidated shelter to rest of the only terrifying, lonely world they know. Grime and dirt layer her face, every layer telling of one more day of uncertainty. Clothing tattered, and worn, paper thin, holes brazen as skin is exposed. The heartbreaking image of America 's homeless youth.Image Choosing to be homeless is not a right of any child. Childhood is a time for growth and wonder. No child should ever have to wonder what, where and when a meal comes from, or how they will keep warm from day to day. We as an American people must ask ourselves, can we give these children a fighting chance to succeed and prosper, as we want for our very own children. We can eliminate the population of homeless children and create a bright future for our country and future generations by; offering long-term sustainable housing to homeless families, prevention of youth homelessness by family outreach programs, government funded reliable child care for homeless for low income families and offering G.E.D programs and continuing higher education programs.
The first step to solving any problem is to recognize we have one. The National center on Family Homelessness reports "One in thirty American children were homeless at some point last year, that’s about 2.5 million kids, over half are younger than six years old". In order to combat these staggering numbers of powerless, homeless children of this nation, is to offer long-term sustainable housing to poverty stricken families. A child relies solely on their parents or legal guardians to provide basic human needs, sustenance, shelter and an education on life skills. How can we ask homeless parents to provide this when t...

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...rkers in the workforce, and statistically help the homeless children of our nation obtain high school diplomas and continuing higher education as well.
Child homelessness is not a disease like Parkinson 's or Diabetes, we have a cure, it starts with you and our communities, to have human compassion and start thinking more critically about what actually works and end child homelessness instead of treating the symptoms. Starting and continuing to grow and nurture long term sustainable housing, providing family outreach programs, child care for homeless families, and giving homeless families and children the opportunity to gain their G.E.D. or higher education. Ending child homelessness is the first step to ending homelessness, homelessness stops with this generation, with our children, our nation 's future, our salvation depends on it. May God deliver us from evil.

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