Homeless : How Prevent Homeless Essay

Homeless : How Prevent Homeless Essay

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How Prevent Homeless in America
Why are there so many Americans who are homeless? How homeless happened to make people end up on the street? Could people in American able to prevent the homeless happened to the young children, Veterans, and other adults so next generation would not repeats itself from a horrible tragedy. Homeless ratings are increasing from American. People are sleeping in their cars for shelter. Homeless or becoming homeless is no matter of your age, excellent skills or have many resources available there always a way for people have a big impact in our society to help homeless. Thesis: Homeless were mistreated by other people because of discrimination, misjudge, and have stereotyped by their outside appearance and the way their clothes had holes in them. People thought homeless have no education because of poverty and the way people in American compare the homeless and to themselves. Homeless are not able to pay their heath care. The consequence of homeless in American is that they are dying because there is sheltering but homeless do not take advantage of the government help. Second is homeless could not improve their health care because their insurance is increasing, people have to wait to get a good doctor. Third is people seeing homeless with their grocery stores with two or three black garbage bags with them. Homeless will hurt grocery store because the customers want to avoid them who asking for free hand out for money or homeless will chase the customers away. The homeless will also harm our health and their health but also hurt our green eco friendly, clean environment like getting the flu or get a virus.
In the article “Troublemakers” Malcolm Gladwell articulated about the generalization of a type of p...

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... too late be involved in our community. People could donate like Veteran Homeless near the store. People could go to the Facebook website to have donated. People like church have charity for homeless families that are in financial problems, and like the Salvation Army who will support them. Not only the Salvation Army will to support people that have a problem with drugs and alcohol. The Salvation Army is similar to support people that are homeless and find their jobs. Sometimes on Christmas holiday, there always have the Salvation Army person at all Nob Hill Foods, Bel Air, and Raley’s who rang their bell for donation. This is how people could contribute to help homeless who goes hungry every Christmas and Thanksgivings Day. All another grocery store will have the can food drive. On CBS 5 and ABC 7 News have their Christmas and Thanksgivings food drive for families.

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