The Homeless Hotspot Is A Campaign Essay

The Homeless Hotspot Is A Campaign Essay

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Can you think of the last time you saw a homeless man or woman? Did you ever wonder
what their story was and how they ended up living on the side of the street? There are so many
reasons that could have led them into living the lives they are today. Within different parts of the
world, no matter where you live, what your story is, who you are or what you do, everybody is
still equal one way or another. Unfortunately for the most part, society either views and treats the
less fortunate graciously or with disrespect. Many people struggle with how they should
associate with those in need whether it be using eye contact, speaking or how to treat them in
general. The big question is how should problems like these be addressed? There is not a single
person in this world that deserves to be treated poorly, especially if they have done no harm.
The Homeless Hotspot is a campaign that hired local homeless population to earn $20 a
day, plus any donations they may make by becoming a ‘wireless hotspot’ for people which has
given the homeless an excellent opportunity to become and feel more real about themselves
again. Marketing companies have the ability to change mankind in many different ways, in this
situation they are not only bettering themselves but are providing for certain individuals in need.
This campaign benefits the homeless, society and the marketing companies. By having a
‘homeless hotspot’, the less fortunate are able to put themselves out into the world again which
allows for them to interact with society and tell their story which could perhaps lead into a job
opportunity providing they meet the right people. It also allows for the homeless to become
recognized and noticed by society rather then people walking by and feeling ...

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...2012) This is an example of somebody
who works and fully supports the idea of the homeless hotspot. Clarence, from New Orleans had
lost his house from Hurricane Katrina and has said that he is extremely grateful for homeless
hotspots because he had lost his home and the homeless hotspot had given him an opportunity to
start over and a chance to look up on his life and allow hope.
I personally believe that the homeless hotspot can allow for the homeless to become a
part of society again, to become noticed by those who never noticed before and it gives them an
opportunity to start earning money from themselves in a way that makes them feel real again.
Giving homeless people a job opportunity that not only benefits them, but benefits the marketing
company as well. Anything that gives the less fortunate the ability to feel grateful and happy
with their lives is a blessing

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