Homeless : Helping The Homeless Essay

Homeless : Helping The Homeless Essay

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Helping The Homeless
One subject that simply can not be ignored no matter where you find yourself in Anaheim. The homeless population in Anaheim is rapidly growing and there seems to be no end to this conundrum. Sadly, these poor individuals can be found anywhere some small amount of shelter is. Thus, you can constantly find them lingering around parks or on the sides of freeways waiting to beg the next passerby for enough money to make it through the day. In Anaheim they can usually found at the various parks we have around the city. The heart of a person is only so delicate to feel remorse or sadness whilst the less fortunate of society wanders within their eyes. But surprisingly enough when the time comes down to it you often hear the phrase, “Sorry, I don’t have any change.” But why does this happen so consistently? The average person must have enough heart to feel enough malice that such members of our city are in impoverished conditions. Any person must have at least the smallest amount of legal tender to benefit the person in worse conditions. Perhaps our brains are simply filled with negative connotations of the homeless, so much so it gets to the point where we instantly respond with a negative answer. Appalling to believe that we won 't help a person that doesn 't even have enough money for food simply because they smell or other reasons unknown. We, as a group decided that our eyes truly grew weary of the constant sad souls living under park benches or the back streets of ghetto neighborhoods. The homeless population of Anaheim is important to us because we see people simply rotting away and dying and have no opportunity to escape this depressing fate. We want to make the change in Anaheim that leads them to having an a...

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...to fix the larger and diverse problems we need to remedy this one first. The problem that we see everyday starving and dying on our city streets and parks. Once this is done we can all work together to fix the rest of the problems and make Anaheim truly a place worth living in.
The city of Anaheim has a problem with no near solution in sight and no one trying to fix it. The homeless population of Anaheim need the community to help revive these depressed, sad souls and get them back on their feet once more. Once we mend their tired and achy bodies we can join forces and strive as a community with everyone housed and fed. We can do this by allocating a proper branch of the city government to help combat these problems and benefit the homeless in countless amounts of ways. With a program that will bring results in the form of happier people on an everyday basis.

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