The Homeless Are Poor People Essay

The Homeless Are Poor People Essay

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The homeless are poor people, who have no home and literally live in the street. I am a person who loves to help others when they deserve it. Around 6000,000 people in the United States are homeless, and the majority of them have an effect on our community as well in our economy. A large amount of the homeless are Americans, of course, people who were born in the US and speak English, but they did not want to go to school and have a better future. They decide to do drugs, be prostitutes, live from the government’s money or from the money they ask in the streets, in other words the easy way. Seeing them sleeping in the streets is hard for many people, but at the same time you ask yourself, why are not they working as I am? If there are lots of opportunities for migrants coming to America, why can homeless people not take advantage of them? The opportunities are there; but these people are not interested in exploiting them. Homeless people affect us in many ways like social harmony, cohesion, inclusion, moral dimension, and ethic. In addition, the statistics of US shows that over 66% of homeless have problems with drug abuse, alcohol, or tobacco and uses the money they take from people or government to feed those needs. Not to mention, that numerous of them causes HIV/AIDS, sexual assaults, behavioral problems, robbery, gambling, debt, criminal offence and some decease. There are many effects of homeless in America including burden economy and increasing crime in the community.
As a matter of fact, as I said I love helping people, is not that I do not want to help them is just that is not fair to others, on the fact that homeless people do not go to school or work, they are drug addicts, and they use taxpayer’s money to li...

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...d Poverty. Homeless Link shows that 8 in every 100 general population use drugs and 26 in every 100 homeless people use drugs. Every time I go out a see homeless and a feel very sorry for them, but I also hate see that many of them are strong person or young. Another thing that I hate see is how women use their own children to beg for money. It is amazing how many of these people are begging on street corners and while smoking a cigar.
To put it briefly, I do believe that homeless people are burden the economy since they are feeding themselves with the taxpayers’ money. Homeless populating keeps growing every year by 2%. Homeless people should take more care of themselves and work as the rest of the population do in order to have a better community. After all, I do not want to go out and see all this people begging and sleeping anywhere or being taken by the police.

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