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The Homeless Are All Criminals Essays

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Several misleading views have been created relating to homeless people; however, perhaps it has contributed to an inaccurate opinion or perception society has made concerning exactly who the homeless really are. The distorted opinion within our society can easily be influenced and apparently these views were created and held up by a collection of myths and assumptions. Society tends to generally believe that homeless people are made up of alcoholics and drug addicts and are generally dangerous to be around. However, while a growing number of these stereotypes concerning the homeless have influenced our views, society may begin to discover, that those homeless have generally turned out to be some ones former friend neighbor or even a family member; therefore displaying exactly who the homeless really are.
One of the most destructive misunderstandings which affect the homeless is that the homeless are all criminals. Perhaps the truth is that most homeless people are not criminals and many of those who are technically criminals have only committed what are called status crimes. This stereotype is one of the most harmful because it creates an unreasonable fear of homeless people. Those who spread this idea generally can 't or don 't distinguish the difference between people who got sited for a ticket for sleeping on a bench and those that are violent criminals. It makes many who would probably help people afraid to do so. Unfortunately, it also prevents the homeless from getting hired or from renting a place to live. This misconception also makes it difficult for charitable organizations to open or expand facilities that provide services for the needy due to objections from nearby residents who fear for their safety.
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... smile, cloth a man for an interview, feed starving women, and so on. It 's a precious gift that may not give you the same feeling as it may to someone who is gaining restoration of their life again. No child or adult should ever feel their life is in depths of despair because of poverty, most importantly, it 's a reminder that homelessness is real and we need to put an end to it. These are very telling illustrations currently existing in society which are unfortunate and must be improved; however, solutions are still being developed to improve these unacceptable conditions. For the homeless the horrible conditions continue for many and it is not a carefree existence, it is a miserable one; nevertheless, these stereotypes harm people and in this case knowledge is the best defense against misinformation and the key in determining precisely who our homeless really are.

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