Essay about Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5

Essay about Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5

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HSPD-5 is shortened for Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5. This directive states that the United States should be able to operate under a singular national incident management system. Its’ objectives ensure “… that all levels of government have the capability to work effeciently and effectively together…coordination with private and non-governmental sectors for adequete planning, equipment, training, and exercise activitites and to promote partnerships…the gathering of appropriate information and providing it to the public, the private sector, State and local authorities, Federal departments and agencies…” ( Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 2003).
Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 directly relates to the National Incident Management System and the National Response Framework. In fact, it directly correlates with their missions. HSPD-5 was the directive that needed to start things in motion; NIMS and the NRF are the aftermath of the directive. With the formation of NIMS and soon after the NRF, America can operate successfully under one national manage...

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