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Home, the word standing by itself generates numerous meanings, particularly ending with a similar theme; a place where an individual resides. Illustrating the idea of a home,, reveals an intricate, abstract idea, nonetheless compose of memories and minor significant details creating a sense of identity. Nowadays, the identity is morphing into a distant word, for example real estate alters the sense of identity into a noun, property rendering a home into an ordinary object. Unfortunately, people seem on following suit with the concept regarding a home another object in their lives,. Understandably, home shows the heart of the individual, thus a few examples demonstrate how a home molds a person’s identity and constantly alter their life.
Another key point of a home relies on a basic function, sustaining life and providing shelter from the elements, however in contemporary society, the idea of a home becomes distorted through various social norms contending with an individual 's status. For example, a person with a massive, alluring mansion symbolizes the amount of wealth currently produce through their job or inheritance. Homes longer serve a purpose of protection or shelter, albeit only revealing the status symbol of an individual when the eye becomes the beholder of the superficial. During the 20th century, society shifted towards a materialist thought, frankly from large economic booms after World War 2, as a result starting with families abandoning the homestead to settle in the city. Ultimately, the concept of a home is transformed into a common object devoid with any emotion or memories, just another tool manipulates under the guise of a temporary fix towards the higher goal of obtaining status with a better home.

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... an idea of a home, altering the powerful emotion into an everyday object constantly facing constraints from judgement, lowing an individual based on the superficial features of the home monitoring their status or wealth. A physical home exist to offer a shelter for individual from the elements, however home truly exists in the heart, no matter where the person advances in their life. My family never forgotten the existence of their home, and kept striving in order to preserve their home from complete annihilation despite a constant uphill battle with hostiles. My friend truly moves away from the concept of a physical home, knowing time will never pause for him, a home in his heart, but he nevermore believes until the time of his eviction. My home physically will change from time to time, however emotionally I remain optimistic because my true home never disappears.

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