Home Security Systems: Effective Home Security Solution to the Increased Home Burglary Incidents

Home Security Systems: Effective Home Security Solution to the Increased Home Burglary Incidents

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Home Security Systems: Effective Home Security Solutions to the Increased Home Burglary incidents
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Home Security Systems: Effective Home Security Solutions to the Increased Home Burglary Incidents
The Federal Bureau Investigation-FBI (2012) highlights that burglary incidents have skyrocketed by 7% in the past decade to record a high of 2,159, 878 incidents. Besides the loss of valuable property, home burglary often results to physical assaults, increased rape incidents and immense psychological trauma. The increased incidents highlight that the impact of burglary effects is high, hence the need for people to protect their homes from burglary. This makes burglary the most pertinent home security issue. In response to the increased burglary, most people have been focusing on installing alarm systems, with the expectation that they will deter over 85% burglary attempts as statistically justified. However, as Capel (2009) highlights, the persistent and increased burglary incidents show the ineffectiveness of a burglary alarm system as a standalone system for home security. Ideally, he highlights that people should never use the alarm system as the only home security system to ward off burglars. The rule of burglar’s modus operandi should apply. This implies assessing “the things he (burglar) looks for, how he gets in, and what he does when he’s in” (Capel, 2009, p. 2). Effectively, based on this rule, as discussed in this essay, Capel shows that an effective home security system that counters burglars should comprise a combination of security approaches, primarily a burglar alarm system, sealed access points and concealed valuable items inside the home.
A Burglar Alarm System
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...on the alarm system and use the measures suggested to improve the protection of their homes against burglary and reduce the overall rate of home burglary and its negative effects in the country.

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