Essay on Home Schooling Should Not Be The First Option

Essay on Home Schooling Should Not Be The First Option

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Home schooling should not be the first option to teach your children because it contributes to the lack of interaction, which leads to communication issues that are needed for children. Many opinions are often formed against the thought of a child being home schooled versus a public or private school. This subject has been argued many times in the past and even today. There are many different outlooks on this situation. Several believe that with home schooling, children are learning more than those that attend a school. They also miss out on a lot of things such as the lack of communication skills and the learning method that is used in a college setting. This was backed up by Romanowski when he that stated “Critics charge that homeschooled children are isolated from the outside world, rendering them socially and educationally handicapped.” Although this may be true for some, everyone is different.
Some would feel that when a person is home schooled that they would lack social skills that are taught in public schools. I think that is true. Typically, social skills can only be learned while in a classroom setting surrounded by other peers. How can you learn to be social if you are learning from your parent that you are around 24 hours a day? Interaction is a huge key that allows students to be successful in life. A home-schooled individual doesn 't have that; it is normally a one on one situation often between a parent and student.
A recent study released by the University of St. Thomas showed that students that are home schooled have a higher ACT composite score and a higher GPA than those who attend a public or private school. This may be true due to the fact that home schooling is not structured like regular school. You do not ...

... middle of paper ...

...g that they have not had to deal with the pressures of such. In college you spend more time teaching yourself and this is where homeschoolers excel. In public schools, a student often has different teachers for each subject, where as the one on one teaching method is used during home schooling and no different method of teaching is often learned. This teaching method results in the home school student to perform poorly.
This is an important argument because it deals with children lives. Both home schooling and public schools has its pros and cons but in the end the decision is based on the child. Every child is different and home schooling is best for some but that is a decision you have to make for your family and let others make their own decision. Public schools not only provide children with the necessary education but also the needed skills for the real world.

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