Home Schooling Is A Good Mode Of Education Essay

Home Schooling Is A Good Mode Of Education Essay

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Home Schooling is A Good Mode of Education
Education is a way to pass knowledge from the old generation to the young generation. Therefore, the choice of educational mode is always a crucial decision. In the past, attending school was the prevalent way for young people to learn; however, in contemporary era, more and more families prefer to teach their children by themselves rather than asking them to go to schools. This phenomenon is called home schooling. The effective improvement of children’ s ability, the healthy learning environment, and the excellent educational teaching style are the main reasons why studying at home is the best educational mode.
The first reason about why many families choose home schooling is that parents can improve their children’ s abilities more effectively. By contrast, traditional class education restricts students’ abilities to move at a mere rapid pace in their studies because teachers need to unify the progress and this requirement which puts students in a passive position. However, home education is individual and human due to the suitable learning plan that are made by the parents based on their children’ s talent and abilities. Therefore, home schooling potentially inspire children to study spontaneously. Furthermore, home schooling also helps children to develop their specific interests or talents, such as basketball, painting, piano and so on. If parents find that children have talents on a particular field, they will move further in that scope in the future. (Root,2013). Clearly, this is an advantage that cannot be neglected comparing with regular students.
Running head: HOME SCHOOLING 3
Home schooling not only helps to improve the children’ s abil...

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...eachers to students. Lastly, although many people argue that the schools have a lot of useful resources for students’ developments, such as libraries, labs, and gyms; there is no denying that these facilities are useful for children’ s learning, yet these resources are around public communities as well. Children may find more advanced resources in public than in general schools.
In conclusion, we can consider home schooling as a remarkable teaching method Running head: HOME SCHOOLING 5
due to its effective improvement on children ‘s abilities, healthy learning environment, and excellent educational teaching style. Home schooling has some valuable characters including personalized education, independence, freedom, and advanced learning apparatus for children. It is an important supplement for the mainstream of educational modes.

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