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Home School Vs. Public School Essay examples

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Comparison and Contrast essay
Home school vs. Public school
All parents only want what is best for their children. When presented with the decision to enroll children in public school or homeschool one must determine the best fit for them. Each schooling option has its positive and negative qualities. Crucial factors when determining which school environment is best include cost, travel, safety, and a student’s learning.
One of the first factors a parent looks at when deciding between home school and public school enrollment is the cost difference between the two. If the parents decide to home school it’s less expensive. Parents only have to by books and other learning related materials; not having to worry about extra expenses that their child may not need. Although, if the child was sent to public school, payment for books are not required. Book are given to students for free; although, school supplies, gym clothes, field trips, and other extra-curricular activities will cost money.
The next factor that any parent will take into consideration when making such an important decision such as this one is the type of transportation their child will take when going to school and coming home. A parent can chose between taking the bus and driving their child themselves to school. If your home is on a bus route your child’s eligible to take a school bus. when the school calls and askes to pick up the child when they are sick and can’t attend classes. It will be hard to pick up a child if it’s busy at the work place. If a parent decides to home school they will not have to worry about the bus route of a school bus or getting their child to school on time if they are driven. The child will stay inside and be educated by a parent from hom...

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... the pace the child needs it can help them stay focused because it is a one on one learning experience. It can be very easy to customize a Childs education when learning to fit their likes and dislikes into what they learn and to their learning needs.
So parents when deciding on which type of education to choose for a child, from home schooling to a public education. Remember there are many great thing that can happen in each type of education. But there is also are many disadvantages that your child will face going into either of them. So please this decisions can affect your child’s future so don’t listen to all the options that are out there please find out the facts. In the end I think my parents made the right decision and placed me in a public school. I’ll never know what would have happened if I became home schooled instead but I am happy with their decision.

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