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Essay on Home of the Brave

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Home of the brave
In our society, the responsibility and life of individuals serving in the military have been respected for many years. The fact soldiers want to serve their country and help protect the people of America is very noble. However, I believe that society has this preconceived notion that once soldiers return home to their families they are mentally well. We tend to dismiss the fact that soldiers are human beings, where they were not trained disregard their feelings pertaining to ordeals they may have encountered. In addition, Soldiers are responsible for their safety as well as the safety of their peers, which may be added stress for them. In reflection of the film “Home of the Brave”, it is a depiction of the ordeal that soldiers were subjected to. I will choose a protagonist in the film and address the role of this character incorporating the stage of development that we meet the character.
In the film “Home of the Brave” all of the main characters exercised different methods in coping with life as a soldier exposed to war. The character I focused on the character named Will. Will was an African American Male doctor, who serviced the injured soldiers in the military. I t appeared that Will loved his profession. However, during the course of his time in the service, he managed to disconnect himself from caring for an injured soldier. Will expressed during the movie that he disassociated himself from the injured soldiers he helped, as many of them died from their injuries. Will also stated that he was supposed to feel something when he works on these soldiers but he didn’t. He also stated that he did not even know any of their names. In my opinion, I believe that was Will’s way of keeping his sanit...

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...n (2008), one’s behavior is derived by the experiences that one encounters in the lives, which may be overwhelming or unbearable for the person (Hutchinson, 2008). Therefore, it is beneficial to learn and utilize coping techniques effectively. It also depends on an individual’s tolerance level; where as two different individuals may encounter similar traumatic experiences. In one instance an individual may seek counseling to overcome their pain, where another person may decide to terminate their life to end their pain.

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