Essay on Home Is Where The Heart Is A Safe Place

Essay on Home Is Where The Heart Is A Safe Place

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Have you ever heard, “Home is where the heart is”? What if you could dream up and create a home? Home is a safe place, and it’s the place you go when you seek comfort. I’ve imagined my dream home and I know exactly what it will look like. I’ve always wanted a comfortable, spacious, and creative house that reminded me of my childhood dreams.
This house full of vibrant colors, new electronics and massive furniture will be so comfortable you’ll never want to leave. My future house will Have giant couches that will make you feel as if you were a baby cub lying next to your momma. When I’d sit on the couches I would slowly begin to melt. Even though the sofa will be really comfortable the beds will be even better, for example my king sized bed will be a bed that would remind you of heavens grace. My house will also have great fluffy pillows, massage chairs, and pools. In addition to the furniture in every room I will have different electronics to keep me relaxed and entertained. I can see myself melting into the couch and deciding to watch the television or listen to music. Most rooms will have giant flat screen TV’s and Bluetooth speakers that I could play any song. One thing that will also be added are lights that turn off when you clap twice. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Smart House” you’d know in the movie they had a system installed in the house to make their favorite foods by command and also had technology that turned the wallpaper into any image they felt comfortable with. I would have up to 5 different types of wallpaper to choose from at the click of a button.
There would be so much room you’d think I’d be hosting the Olympics. If a person toured my house the first image walking in would be a big, beautiful, long brown ha...

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...s a game me and my sister made up. The game was based on a movie about a boy who had these glasses and he could see monsters. In the movie he also had a book identifying the different monsters. This will be a game I can teach my little brother and his friends.
In conclusion I will have a huge, spacious, beautiful, creative, enjoyable, and comfortable house reminding me of what I’ve always wanted. Not only will the house be something I love, but also something I can share with my family and friends. This will be a great house for the holidays and when I have nothing to do. This house would bring family together and happiness to anyone who even takes on glance its way. Imagine the best house you can imagine and then look at my beautiful brick house with hard wood floors and balconies and all these new adventures. This house is the dream but more importantly my dream.

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