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Home Health Care for rural seniors is in high demand. Many seniors are in need of care givers to provide assistance with preparing meals, housekeeping duties, transportation, and companionship. Many seniors who live in rural communities often live alone. Some have children who have moved away to seek a better lifestyle while others live in the same rural community, but spend most of their time working and caring for their own families. Seniors who need Home Health care face issues of finding trustworthy and dependable providers. Often seniors are abused by their caregivers. The Connecticut Office of the Attorney General provides a list of abusive issues that senior face; passive neglect when those in charge of providing services do not fulfill their duties as required; active neglect knowingly withholding and not fulfilling caretaker obligations; psychological abuse humiliating behavior using verbal insults and profanity; material and financial abuse using clients funds for personal gain; and physical abuse any action on the part of the caregiver that causes physical harm to the client also some of these abusers may be children who were abused by their elderly parents. This list also includes contributing factors of isolation, dependency and misuse of authority, stereotypes of the elderly as frail, incompetent or powerless, lack of understanding of the aging process, substance abuse, and mental, emotional or financial stress. These issues can cause serious problems for seniors and many can end up in hospitals with months of rehabilitation from physical abuse, in nursing homes because they are no longer able to live alone, they may become homeless from financial ruin, and in some cases even dead.

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...embers to become companions to seniors in the church who do not have family.

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