Essay on The Home Environment For Children 's Educational Success

Essay on The Home Environment For Children 's Educational Success

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As Mahatma Gandhi said it best, “There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” The home environment for child’s educational success is almost as vital as going to school itself. The home environment is very crucial because a lot of basic skills necessary for life as well as educational success are learned at home. The importance of the home environment is spread out all throughout Sherman Alexie and Mike Rose’s works and also mentioned numerous times in Davis Guggenheim’s documentary film. Things such as Family structure determine the support available to students in their homes, while home education teaches students a lot of things not learned in school as well as initiates the building blocks for education learned in schools, and parental practices, which influence students directly, all contribute to the creation of a good or bad home environment which determines educational success.
The structure of the family determines many outcomes that either aids or hinders educational success. For example, a single working parent who has to focus on working two jobs and running the house alone won’t have as much time to focus on their child’s education as a traditional family, where the responsibilities of the household are split and, at least, one of the parents have more time to interact with their children. This is best displayed with Daisy from Guggenheim’s documentary film. Daisy’s dad is in between jobs, so the weight is on Daisy’s mom to support the house financially. However, Daisy’s dad is able to stay home and give more attention to his daughter. He is very firm in his belief that Daisy will graduate from college and medical school and is there to support her at home [WFS]. That is not to...

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...ngaged in such activities saw a 19% increase in cognitive development and 16% increase in social development. Not only does parental activities impact academic success but can also make children more socially competent. The impact of parental practices is tremendous on children and their educational success.
Academic success depends on a lot of factors inside and outside of the school. The home environment has the most crucial impact outside of school in determining educational success. The structure of the family dictates what support is available to a child inside the home environment, while the practices of the parents or guardians greatly influence the child’s own habits, along with the home education that parents provide to build the basic skills of life, all come together to greatly impact a child’s educational success and effectively shape their future.

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