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The Home And The House Essay

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I grew up very poor in a family of seven, four girls and one boy along with my parents. I remember my first home being a two bedroom apartment both rooms being very small where I and my sister along with my brother had to sleep, my parents had their own room. Bachelard discusses, the Home and the house, but I never had that much space, it was at a premium and I think the impact of that is in much of what Bachelard writes about houses.
I understand what he’s saying but as it relates to how we view our childhood homes. I identified more with his description of city-living pgs. (pgs. 26–29) “In Paris there are no houses, and the inhabitants of the big city live in superimposed boxes. I often felt suffocated and cramped because I had no room to move around and there was never any privacy. Bachelard goes on to describe city living. (pgs. 26–29) “A city has no houses; the apartments are merely superimposed boxes. These boxes have no roots”. We moved what seemed like constantly and I could hardly tell if the new place was better than the old. Bachelard accurately describes the bleakness of apartment living. I know somebody else might see the bright side of thing but realistically that’s how I feel looking back on the space, poetry can be sad or talk about what’s missing. I think the space limitations made me value space and privacy.
We lived on an apartment building on the south side that was in very rundown neighborhood. Things got tough financially and we moved in into our grandmother’s house which wasn’t much of an improvement but it was closer to our school. It was also a one bedroom on the second floor. Bachelard was making a point that the house was better for living and the imagination but again asking me to describe my experi...

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... in it, in a child’s mind just have a place to yourself can be really valuable for development and consciousness. Bachelard talks about many things including the poetry of the space in which we live. (pg. 10) “The human being knows instinctually that the space identified with his solitude is creative. Wherever we lived I would have a little box or sometimes a suitcase I used like a chest. I kept my tapes, pictures, and other secrets safe. I would find a space to draw sometimes off in the bedroom, but it could be the basement or the old attic. I would find wherever the quietest space was and live in in as long as I could, no matter where I was or what circumstances I kept my own comfort. I know what he means when he says (pg. 6) “The chief benefit of the home is how it shelters daydreaming” I’m still dreaming and drawing and searching for a quiet place to find myself.

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