The Holy Trinity Of God Essay

The Holy Trinity Of God Essay

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According to a Christian, there is one true God, and he revealed Himself through the Holy trinity, which is made up of three people; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They also believe that God alone created the world and everything that encompasses it from nothing in six days. They believe that the world was good until Adam sinned against God, and now all people are born into sin. They believe that God sent his only son Jesus to save the world from sin and that Jesus died for all their sins and rose from the dead. They believe that the Holy bible is the sacred word before and after Jesus’s time and that they should live by it to please God and thank him for his son. They believe that people are saved by faith through the grace of Jesus Christ. They also believe that one day Jesus will come back to earth and judge everyone. All that believe in him and his word will live forever with him in heaven and those who reject his word will be sent to hell. According to Oxford Dictionary, Christianity is the religion based on the Jesus of Nazareth and its beliefs and practices. In order to be considered apart of Christianity or be a Christian, there are certain aspects of theology that are necessary for one to believe. A Christian must believe in the humanity of Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, the fall of humanity, atonement of sin, the Resurrection, and afterlife. Theses aspects are like puzzle pieces, they fit together perfectly to create to picture of Christianity. If someone leaves out or denies the validity of a piece or part it is like leaving out a piece of the puzzle and you will not have a complete image.
Humanity/Divinity of Jesus
“The humanity of Christ is undeniable because of the fourth gospel ‘the word became flesh…’” (Knox ...

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...ffects of Adam’s sin are profound and and they affect everyone. A few things that stand out in Reddit’s explanation of it is that “sin is lawless, universal and results in satanic bond”. Sin is lawless because its is breaking God’s divine law. “Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness” (1John 3:4). Sin is universal because, “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one” and the evil one who is Satan. An objection could be that if Satan is evil then how is it that “all God created was good” (Gen 1:31). In response, God is good and all he created was good. Therefore, he must have created Satan good, and Satan like every man can choose to do evil rather than good. Since sin is in the world, Christians are “entirely at God’s mercy” and must accept the Father through the Son for salvation rather than eternal damnation.

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