The Holy Spirit 's Responsibility Essay

The Holy Spirit 's Responsibility Essay

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There have been many influences over the past few months that have bloomed into this lesson. They came as bits and pieces that I either heard or witnessed. While they stuck in my memory, I never really saw their significance until this past Sunday. I was in church and Jay was leading worship when all of a sudden the light came on and there was a complete picture in my mind.
If you would indulge me for a moment I would like to lay these “puzzle pieces” out for you in order to support my statement that the Holy Spirit quietly talks to us continually and to also give credit to the people whose words have influenced this lesson.
Many years ago, a friend and pastor whom I dearly loved and respected told me that there are three areas of responsibility in sharing the gospel. They are ours, the Holy Spirits, and the one that hears the gospel. Our responsibility is to go where we are called. That is it, to go and allow our self to be used. The Holy Spirit’s responsibility is to speak and do the work. The person who hears the message has a responsibility to either receive or reject the message. We need to only worry about our responsibility. Just get up and go where he sends us. He will do His part, of that we can be assured. The person that hears has a free will to chose or not. Sometime they may receive it right away and sometimes it may be a seed that has been planted that grows years later, but in the end it is not our choice to make for them. All that we can do is to go in love and allow ourselves to be used by Him.
Several months ago I was driving to work and listening to Christian radio. As I pulled into the parking lot of a coffee shop the host of the show that was on the air began talking about an interview that a Su...

... middle of paper ...

...ago I was talking to a dear friend about some of the personal struggles in my life and I was telling him that I know what the purpose God has called me to and that I can see how God has ordered the events of my life to bring me to that work. I told him that God has also given me a talent and when I use that talent toward that work I feel God’s pleasure.
I know these events may seem to be a bunch of random and unrelated ideas but I believe that fit together to answer the question that many of us find ourselves asking when we achieve our dream. Is that all?
The majority of our Scripture comes from Ecclesiastes. In an effort to keep the amount of Scripture to be read during the teaching of this lesson to a manageable amount, I am selecting key verses from the book. Tanking the time to read the entire book may prove to be beneficial in preparing to lead this lesson.

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