Holy Spirit Activity God One Day Essay

Holy Spirit Activity God One Day Essay

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With this atmosphere of Holy Spirit activity God one day asked me to write a course on Revelation. He simply placed the thought on my heart one day as I prepared lectures. I was busy as usual, too busy. As Principal I was teaching four subjects and running the college as well which is a subtle way of saying I was overloaded. I said “yes” to the Lord, but I really meant “maybe” and being so busy I looked to delegate God’s request. The next day I rang a lecturer who I respected a great deal and he agreed to teach the course. I convinced myself that God saw this as being okay. We programmed the course to start in second semester and with about six months before it began I was confident all would go well. Those who know God are probably chuckling as they read these words. Three months out I rang the lecturer and all was fine. One month; two weeks, one week, three days, all was fine. The advertising had worked and a good number of students had enrolled for the evening course. I felt happy and self satisfied the night before the course started.

The next morning God humbled m...

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